Heather Snyder Quinn

Creative Director, Black Pepper, Inc.
Founder and Principal, Brookline Street Design

Heather would rather hand stitch dresses for her beautiful daughters than design another website. Come to think of it, she would rather stitch dresses for her daughters’ dolls than spend another hour in Photoshop, but she loves us (and she needs to pay for the fabric somehow). That’s how we harness the talents of an incredible designer who has been immersed in the web and print design world for over 15 years.

Heather has experience in a diverse range of media, including identity and brand development, retail, print, web, and package design. At Black Pepper, Heather leads our web application design practice dedicated to creating on-brand and functional designs that incorporate usability best practices, iconography, and white-labeling or custom skinning as needed. Heather is also responsible for print projects, and websites, and—let’s face it—pretty much everything else graphic design related.

Previously VP and Creative Director for Wunderkind Studios in Portsmouth, NH, Heather also worked for Sapient Corporation where she was a senior designer on several global brands including Chase, Aetna, Fila, and Lotus. Heather got her start at Boston firms Corey McPherson Nash and Fitch Inc. Graphis Design Annual, RISD, and Communication Arts have recognized Heather’s graphic design work.

She is a Professor of Web and Application Design and Color Theory at The Rhode Island School of Design, where she received her BFA with highest honors in Graphic Design.


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