Health Dialog

Health Dialog provides “proprietary data collection and analysis services, predictive modeling, coaching management, medical content, outreach to individuals, physician engagement, and results evaluation.” Recently, they made these data and services available to physicians via a secure Web portal with the aim of reducing health care costs and improving services. Health Dialog asked Brookline Street Design and Black Pepper to work through their goals, understand their data, and interview their customer-service staff. We quickly came to appreciate the scope of the challenge Health Dialog was trying to address and understand the importance of their work to the health care community. We dedicated ourselves to their mission and designed a flexible Web application that delivered complex data in a simple format; a UI that could be branded or skinned for individual clients; and a system that fit the underlying software package constraints.

We were proud to be part of an initiative that could make a meaningful difference in real people’s lives and pockets. But we can’t show you, because it serves up HIPAA protected, proprietary data via subscription only.