A short post about recent Facebook changes

Updated 9/28/2011

Okay, it’s official. Instead of tuning out the Ticker, I am annoyed by it. And the top posts at the top above the recent posts in my feed? Please just show me everything in order!

The music recommendations are great and the streaming through Spotify et al is a wonder. But so I really need to stream what I am playing in order to get the recommendations?

On the plus side, I did figure out how to turn off the Subscribe feature (I think). Click on your name > click Subscriptions (under your profile photo) and turn off the thing that says Allow Subscriptions. Hope that does what you want it to do.


Updated 9/23/2011

Right, it’s the very hyped Ticker. Funny that I did a ton of reading about it and still couldn’t put that together. And I’m still not convinced it makes a ton of sense. Because the Notifications icon will let me know what my Close Friends are up to, it feels like information overload.

And I remembered (sort of) it was Top News and Most Recent. I sort of remembered when the version of Facebook my iPad is loading showed me a hybrid version of the old and new sites this morning. I’m not sure if the updates haven’t spread all the way across the interwebs to my iPad or if I’m seeing a different mobile version. If this is intentional, it’s irritating. Oh well, no way to know I guess.

Still looking forward to the Timeline and Music feature roll outs.


Original post 9/23/2011

I love them. And I’m tired of hearing all the griping. Facebook has made several changes this week and plans to continue rolling out new features in the next few weeks. Everybody has an opinion about the latest changes. Most of those opinions seem negative. But I’m not sure why.

Change is good. Some of the changes were forced by the recent launch of Google+ . Those may be the best. The new lists are easy to use and totally intuitive. The split between Top News and Recent…damn it’s been two days and I’ve already forgotten the name of it. See, that right there is an indication that the bifurcated feed never made sense. But I have to admit I have had some twinges—those FOMO pangs. You know, Fear of Missing Out? Because I got so used to clicking between the two to see all my news, I’ve caught myself feeling as though I’m missing something the last day or two. But I’m sure I will be over that in another day or two.

The right column showing all my friends can be hidden forever with a single click, which is terrific because I have no idea what that’s meant to do. However, the mini-feed that now appears over the events, suggested friends, and sponsored links makes no sense at all. It appears to be a cross between my feed and my notifications—and it follows me down the page. I can’t decide if it’s redundant to something else or really helpful. The fact that I can’t figure that out means the feature gets a thumbs down. However, (as oh so helpful Mr. Snarky pointed out) it pushes the ads to the bottom of the page and out of my line of site so that gets a thumbs up.

I’m excited for the roll out of the new social music feature. The only thing left to say is, “Glad the Facebook redesign helped distract you from everything actually wrong with your life.” http://some.ly/nG2jTh via @someecards

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