Shepley Bulfinch looks back to go forward

The mantra “innovate or die” can feel like a threat some days. The demand for “new” can feel inexhaustible. So how do companies like Shepley Bulfinch survive for over a century in an industry that sets as many trends as it follows? The dedicated team at Shepley Bulfinch manages it with ease by being genuine with each other and their clients about their history and their vision for the future. And their new website (design by Moth Design, development by pod, and user research by Black Pepper) will do that too. As part of the site redesign efforts, the Shepley Bulfinch team wanted to focus the new site exclusively on new, innovative, and cutting-edge projects. But our user research made clear that people care about decades of experience and first-to-market buildings, techniques, and materials from the past as well as the present. The new website will remind clients and employees of Shepley Bulfinch’s rich architectural history: its building projects have stood the test of time. And it will showcase Shepley Bulfinch’s industry leadership in all things new. After all, what’s old is (always) new again.