Lab management, predictive analytics, and financial services dashboards

The Black Pepper app design team has completed a series of very hush-hush projects over the last 18 months. We designed a laboratory management system for a genomics start-up, a predictive analytics dashboard for a biotech business, and not one but two financial services monitoring dashboards for tracking holdings of major investment companies in the … Continue reading Lab management, predictive analytics, and financial services dashboards isn’t for people who need Medicaid

Did you know the website isn't for people who need or use Medicaid? Neither did we! It turns out, the site is for people administering Medicaid services at the state and federal level. We learned this useful tidbit last year as part of a content strategy and navigation consulting gig with the Centers for … Continue reading isn’t for people who need Medicaid

Tufts moves toward brand consistency

Like many large research universities Tufts is a confederation of schools with separate marketing budgets and technical support operations which has led to inconsistent web sites and brand messages over the years. Thanks to strong cross-organization collaborations and a really tight deadline, Tufts is achieving brand consistency across its schools' websites. And with the help … Continue reading Tufts moves toward brand consistency

Harvard students never walk alone

With rights for women and the LGBTQ community in America in a constant state of flux, it's important to remember that long-standing cultural and educational institutions embraced Title IX years ago and have put policies in place to protect the rights of all community members. The Title IX Office at Harvard University created a new … Continue reading Harvard students never walk alone