Science and international affairs at HKS

Ever wonder what lies at the intersection of science and international relations? Look no further than the Belfer Center at the Harvard Kennedy School. This team of researchers and policy experts have been supporting the public and private sectors for decades. They were the trend setters who predicted that national security and defense depends on a … Continue reading Science and international affairs at HKS

Exchange your healthcare

Black Pepper was pleased to lead the requirements gathering and participatory design process for the newly released Fidelity Health Marketplace. This healthcare exchange is designed to give small businesses access to more and better options for their healthcare coverage that can reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes for their employees--all while managing their 401ks and health savings … Continue reading Exchange your healthcare

Innovate your government

The Ash Center at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government has supported public and social innovation in government for longer than innovation has been a buzzword. Partnering with other non-profits, government agencies, and grass-roots organizations, they created the Government Innovators Network, connecting people and agencies big and small to make government work better for all. Digital … Continue reading Innovate your government