A City website that’s useful

Black Pepper was recently engaged to conduct usability testing on the new City of Boston website. The site was beautifully designed by IDEO and is under development by Acquia. In the meantime, we're making sure it serves the needs of citizens across neighborhoods, demographics, and means of access by conducing surveys, one-on-one user testing, and … Continue reading A City website that’s useful

Exchange your healthcare

Black Pepper was pleased to lead the requirements gathering and participatory design process for the newly released Fidelity Health Marketplace. This healthcare exchange is designed to give small businesses access to more and better options for their healthcare coverage that can reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes for their employees--all while managing their 401ks and health savings … Continue reading Exchange your healthcare

Use your data for good

The Black Pepper team was privileged to be involved in the latest iteration of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh's dashboard project. Spread across four large monitors in his office and rotating based on time sensitivity and priority, these data keep tabs on what's happening around the Hub so the Mayor and his staff can provide the … Continue reading Use your data for good

A cure for what ails you

The Tumor Imaging Metrics Core team at MGH provides imaging and screening services to leading research institutions devoted to the eradication of cancer. When they decided it was time to update the software that tracks their research sites, trials, and patients, Black Pepper was pleased to assist the team in coordination with Moth Design and Pod Consulting. … Continue reading A cure for what ails you

Community outreach

With over 180 schools in the greater-Boston area, community outreach and communication between these institutions and the neighborhoods they inhabit matters. Black Pepper recently helped one of these large institutions restructure their community outreach blog into a vibrant portal with structured content featuring weekly posts, special events and news, highlighted community programs, and helpful facts … Continue reading Community outreach