Information Architecture

Your content should be findable, discoverable, navigable, and search optimizable. Black Pepper can create navigation systems and taxonomies that express your uniqueness while feeling similar to your peers or set you apart with trend-setting tabs and tags.

We do this by focusing on your navigation menus and ask ourselves these questions. What story does your menu or menus tell your target customers? Does the navigation explain, at a glance, what you have to offer, who you are, and what matters to you?

Multiple concept models may work for your site. If you’re having trouble deciding amongst our various good ideas, we will ask your customers for you. Testing and re-testing where necessary using card sorting and tree tests, we refine as needed until we get it right. This methodology works for apps as well as content-heavy sites. When we’re done, your navigation, tagging systems, you-are-here indicators, and taxonomy will keep your customers on the scent of information and completing your top transactions.