Would you like some privacy with that? Meh.

During Luke W’s talk at UI16 this week in Boston, he spoke a lot about location-aware services on mobile devices. Changes in technology make building handheld devices faster, better, and cheaper. Luke explained that technology has advanced so far that it’s cheaper to include than leave out wifi antennae in these devices. As a result, … Continue reading Would you like some privacy with that? Meh.

There’s no place like Back

The other night, Mr. Snarky risked invoking my wrath by explaining to me, “You can train yourself…” Before he got any farther, I demanded, “Did you just say, ‘that’s a training issue’?” His immediate reply, “Of course not. I’m not stupid.” All of this was in reference to the way I’ve been using my iPad, … Continue reading There’s no place like Back