5 Things to Know Before Starting a Tech Project

1. It will cost more than you’ve budgeted No matter what you’ve budgeted and how tightly you control the scope of a planned technology project, you have a 99% chance of spending more money than you anticipated. You shouldn’t consider this a failing of your stakeholders, project managers, or tech team. No matter how thoroughly … Continue reading 5 Things to Know Before Starting a Tech Project

Why Customer Experience Matters

After 15 years working as a design consultant with technology focused clients and partners, I’ve largely stopped answering the question, “Why do we care about users?” Rather than having a finely tuned answer to this question, I find myself replying more and more often, “We just do,” biting back the “duh” that naturally follows. Each … Continue reading Why Customer Experience Matters

These icons are killing me

A friend accused me of being idealistic the other day. This was after I suggested I might be a little stupid and a lot stubborn. I think it was one of those po-tay-to, po-tah-to things. The conversation was triggered by my latest rant about clients not listening to my well-reasoned, well-researched (and footnoted) recommendations. I … Continue reading These icons are killing me

A picture is worth a 1000 words; icons are not pictures

[The following is an excerpt from recommendations I made recently to a client. It was intended as a best practices guide or cheat sheet on icons. I cribbed it together from my own experiences and several online sources cited below.] When we say a picture is worth a 1000 words, we mean that we intuit … Continue reading A picture is worth a 1000 words; icons are not pictures

Inappropriate liking

On a recent Tuesday morning at UI16 Kevin Hoffman, from Happy Cog, gave a talk on strategies for successful discovery meetings (not as boring as it sounds). As an example, he referenced the work his team recently did for the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. He described the many meetings they facilitated, which … Continue reading Inappropriate liking