Usability Testing

Yes, we want you to test it. No, we won’t hold it against you if you don’t have the budget. Except that you can probably come up with the budget, because we know how to use your usability budget wisely.

Usability testing takes many forms. We can do all that formal lab one-on-one think aloud testing. We can do it via web conference or whatever fancy eye-tracking software package your boss insists you use. Our team of usability specialists can also sit with five of your key users for an hour and get all the information we need to refine user interface patterns or navigation systems. When in doubt, we’ll focus group; we’ll card sort; we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure our designs are, in a word, usable. It’s worth the three extra days and it will make you look smart in front of your boss when you tell her you squeezed three collaborative testing sessions out of the consultants for the same price as testing with that over-the-top software package.

Oh, you know what else we love? Testing other agency’s designs. It’s so nice to be able to say to test participants, “Please be open and honest in your feedback on the site we are about to show you. Your comments will help make Acme Company’s website better, and you won’t hurt our feelings” and really mean it.